Local food & beverages are the main motivating factors of our culinary programs.  

The walking tours are based on multi-day, one-day, half-day experiences.

Explore the rich culinary heritage of India and embrace this mystic land by indulging in culinary activities.

During the culinary tours you can learn authentic recipes from local chefs, visit local food markets and taste some of the best street food. 

Food is what we are passionate about and we let you explore diverse cuisines integrated with culture and people.

Our Gastronomy Tours, Cooking Lessons, Beverage Tasting & Food Market Visits are adapted to your interests.

Sachin Bansal ( Founder – India City Walks)

Colour, aroma and taste – the quintessence of gourmet foods.

The distinct splendours of Indian cuisine are derived from the therapeutic and aesthetic use spices. We combine our walks with stories and insights into historic past from the beginning of the city to present times.

We will discover the secrets of Indian cooking by watching chefs as well as home cooks prepare tasty meals.

So take your apron and come along with Culinary Walks for some of the amazing Cooking Classes.

About us

We are expert in local experiences and have earned a solid reputation for our passion, enthusiasm and importantly, our sense of showcasing the character of the city.We operate under the umbrella brand INDIA CITY WALKS and offer total immersion in vibrant city life, local landscape, history, culture, food and the people.

Widely recognised for our commitment to unsurpassed guest service, we believe in and are dedicated to personalised attention. We’d love to have you for Culinary Walks to explore the finest local cuisines and alongside experience the culture & landscape. For more details you can reach us through email during weekends and holidays.

Connect with us at  nidhi@ indiacitywalks.com  |  +91 9899692790 
For small or large groups advance reservations required.